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Doing Our Bit

At Houchins we care about the environment...

We want to ensure a better planet for future generations.

An Eco-Friendly Venue

Houchins is an eco-friendly, family run venue. We really believe in helping the planet where we can and hope that you will be pleased to know that when you book Houchins you are choosing a venue that acts positively to reduce the impact of wedding celebrations on the environment.

Later this year we will be planting a new wild flower meadow behind the house to encourage pollinators (bees) and we have an on-going programme to plant indigenous, native trees and hedgerows across our farm. Planting is a great way to combat climate change and has benefits for people, wildlife and the environment. It helps increase bio-diversity, provide shelter, prevent soil erosion, reduce flooding and much more.

In addition to our planting we have made a few other changes around the venue and house to make us more sustainable and ask all our couples to consider what they can do to reduce their weddings’ environmental impact where possible?

Recent initiatives to improve our green credentials include:

Our biggest single environmental initiative has been to heat the venue using a ‘water source heat pump’ meaning that the heating of the venue is almost completely carbon neutral.

If we all make a few changes we can start to do our bit to help the environment recover and ensure a sound future for future generations…

Small steps all make a difference, have you considered…

The Best Possible Wedding-Day Without Blighting Our Environment

We’re here to make sure you have the best possible wedding-day without blighting our environment for the next generation. If you have any questions please get in touch.

Every part of your day considered

Houchins is located in Essex, just 1 mile east of Coggeshall, with direct access from the A120. It is approximately 15 minutes from Colchester and Braintree.

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